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(originally posted on my band Eddie Swanson's myspace: www.myspace.com/eddieswanson)

Hey there, FREAKS and FIENDS... Agent Livernuts here. Something crossed my desk earlier that I thought all of you should take a look at. The Houston Press Awards are dawning, and I think it's high time that the guys in Eddie Swanson got some recognition.

Go to this link: http://www.houstonpress.com/poll/musicshowcase/2007/nominate/poll?bNC=1

Please fill it out as follows:

Best New Act: Eddie Swanson

Best Indie Rock: Eddie Swanson

Best Alt Rock: Eddie Swanson

Best Pop: Eddie Swanson

Best Traditional Rock: Eddie Swanson

Best Male Vocalist: Chris Roberts from Eddie Swanson

Best Guitarist: Chris Roberts from Eddie Swanson

Best Bassist: Kolby McKinney from Eddie Swanson

Best Drummer: Jeremy Sumrall from Eddie Swanson

Song of the Year and Songwriter: "thirtyse7en" written by Roberts, Sumrall, and McKinney

While you're at it: name HAREM FESTIVAL best Experimental/Avant Garde act, too!

Thanks for your support!!!!

Agent Livernuts
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